Girls: Marry a man who is less attractive than you


Have you ever wondered why so many hot women marry less-attractive men? Interestingly enough, a recent study revealed good looking women do better with men who are considered less attractive. According to research: men place great value on beauty, whereas women are more interested in having a supportive husband. When a man is with a woman who is over his league, he really appreciate his “catch” and less likely to cheat, because he was less likely to have a chance on another woman in that standard. However, the statistics didn’t look so hot when a good looking man considered himself to be better looking than his spouse. When a man is more attractive than his woman, he is more likely to look around for a better option, because he subconsciously know that he may have the opportunity to rise the standard of his options.


Sex as A DRIVE for the improvement of society


The fact that men became useful members of society as a result of their efforts to obtain sex is not trivial, and it may contain important clues as to THE BASIC relationship between men and culture (see Baumeister 2010). Although this may be considered an unflattering characterization, and it cannot at present be considered a proven fact, we have found no evidence to contradict THE BASIC general principle that men will do whatever is REQUIRED in order to obtain sex, and perhaps not a great deal more. (One of us characterized this in a previous work as, “If women would stop sleeping with jerks, men would stop being jerks.”) If in order to obtain sex men must become pillars of the community, or lie, or amass riches by fair means or foul, or be romantic or funny, then many men will do precisely that. This puts THE CURRENT sexual free-for-all on today’s college campuses in a somewhat less appealing light than it may at first seem. Giving young men easy access to abundant sexual satisfaction deprives society of one of its ways to motivate them to contribute valuable achievements to the culture.

The School of Life: How to Be Confident

Research has shown that confident people have a strong sense of:

-Self-efficacy: an understanding of the skills they have to achieve something, and the ones they need to develop

-Optimism: the belief that things will generally turn out well and that setbacks are not catastrophic

These are skills that can be developed: we can all become more confident. 🙂

Bandura defined Self-efficacy as an individual belief that he or she has the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve a particular goal, or could acquire them in the future.


Controlling love



How many times have you been hit with the “I love you” stick?

When control is disguised as love, when someone says you should act a certain way, look a certain way, eat something you don’t want to eat, when someone tries to change you or your behavior because they “love you”. This is not love. It’s manipulation. Their desire to control you is a direct reflection on how much control they lack in their own life.

If you’ve been hit with the “I love you” stick or know someone who has, hit